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Moving to Florida Pillar Homes Central Florida Home Builder

Your Expert Guide to Moving and Living in Central Florida

Have you ever wondered what Central Florida living is like? Whether you plan on moving to Central Florida full-time or just seasonally, you’ll soon discover the amazing lifestyle this region […]

How to build an allergy-free home

5 Ways to Achieve a Hypoallergenic Home

From asthma to itchy eyes, allergies can become unbearable… even in the comfort of your own home! Specifically in Central Florida, allergy levels tend to be high all year round […]

In-Law Suite Addition Pillar Homes

Design a Custom Home with an In-Law Suite in 5 Easy Steps

Today, multigenerational households are growing in popularity. When it’s time for grandma, grandpa, or other beloved relatives to move in, many families opt to build a custom home with a […]