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What brings down property value

What Decreases Property Value? 7 Home Flaws to Avoid

7 Big Property Flaws That Could Decrease Your Home’s Value We all know what increases home value – renovated rooms, modern fixtures, and a hot seller’s market. But, what brings […]

Florida highway at sunset

Buying a House in Florida: Is Moving to Florida Right for You?

The Sunshine State. The Citrus State. The Peninsula State. Sunny Florida is known by many names and is highly sought after by thousands for its amazing opportunities. In fact, for […]

Pillar Homes Dropping Florida Mortgage Rates

5 Simple Steps to Profit on Low Mortgage Rates in Florida

When it comes to Florida mortgages, it’s all about the fixed interest rates. The lower the rate, the less money you will have to pay in the future, and the […]